When I first began blogging in the fall of 2010, I found myself writing about my emotional abuse experiences. I was trying to make sense of them and to understand how they were affecting me. I had trouble finding in-depth information on emotional abuse from the perspective of the adult survivor, so I did as much research as I could and wrote about what I discovered as well as my own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

I wrote about emotional abuse until June 2011. Then I felt I needed to move onto other things with my blog. At the same time, I knew the information was useful to people because I had people commenting on the posts and contacting me privately about their experiences. So I dumped the articles onto a WordPress.com blog. Even though I wasn’t updating it, I figured the information was still useful and deserved to be somewhere on the Internet.

In the course of 3 years, I’ve continued to get emails from people who’ve read some of the posts on that blog and found answers to some of their questions about their emotional abuse experiences. I’ve also continued to get subscribers to that blog, even though there was a notice telling people that I no longer updated it.


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My vision during that time was to create a comprehensive informational website about the experience and healing of childhood emotional abuse for the adult survivor. And now I’ve finally done it!

Emotional Abuse Answers has articles on what emotional abuse is; including specific emotional abuse behaviors, how it affects us, and how to heal from it. I’ve also opened up a Twitter stream and Facebook page for Emotional Abuse Answers where I’ll be posting updates to the site and interesting articles I find about abuse.

If you’re an adult survivor of emotional abuse then please visit the site, follow it on Twitter, and like it on Facebook. Share it with others you know who are survivors of childhood emotional abuse. If every one of us takes steps to heal from the destructive legacy of our abusive past, we can create a better life for ourselves, our children, and future generations. It’s that important!

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